The studio is led by architect Anna La Fontaine, in cooperation with many experienced designers (structural engineers, sanitary installations, electrical technology in the foodservice and medical fields). From the beginning we have sought to combine the aesthetics at the artistic heart of the architect’s profession with the reality that surrounds us. Functionality and simplicity of form are brought together with design economics and investor expectations. The creative phase is followed by a period of consultation and approval of the blueprints, which results in the issuing of a building permit. We do everything possible to assume this burden and to minimise the need for participation in the process. We provide both minor renovations requiring nothing but the shifting of one partition wall, through designs for single-family houses, to large-scale projects including residential, office and industrial buildings. Interior design, constituting the culmination of work on the project, is also a source of deep satisfaction for us.


  • Building inventories
  • analysis of the absorption area
  • conceptual designs
  • construction projects of obtaining a building permit
  • draft regulations and as-built
  • interior designs
  • adaptations of finished projects
  • building and supervisions
  • expertise and arrangements

arch. Anna La Fontaine – CHIEF DESIGNER
licensed architect

arch. Maciej Smoliński
leading architect


arch. Anna Brońka – DESIGNER
licensed architect

arch. Joanna Freund

mgr inż. Marcin Dyla
structural engineer

mgr inż. Janusz Wilczyński
electrical engineer and designer

mgr inż. Karolina Zając
sanitary and HVAC engineer