Realisation of a single-family house in Wrocław

Mountain Settlement in Świeradów Zdrój

Surface 43-80 m2

Smaller version of Mountain House

Surface 100 m2

Single-family house in Łódź

Surface 322 m2

Single-family house extension

Oporów, Wrocław
Surface 256 m2

House in Suchy Dwór

Surface 185 m2

MoMo living container design from shipping container to mass production

Surface 25 m2

A house in the mountains

Surface: 1412

House near Warsaw

Surface: 3112

Single family house in Oporów in Wrocław

Surface: 326 m2

9 terraced houses in Świdnica

Single family house in Oporów

Oporów, Wrocław
Surface: 245 m2

Passive single-family houses near Wrocław

Surface: 159,51 m2

Single family home project

Oporów, Wrocław
Surface: 350 m2

Single family house near Wrocław

Surface: 271 m2

Terraced houses

Surface: 422,56 m2

Single family house in Krzyki in Wrocław

Surface: 280 m2

Expansion of the house


Single family – concept facades and interiors

Wrocław, Wietrzna St.
Surface: 130 m2

Detached house in the mountains

Surface: 234,7 m2 + 40 m2

Single-family house extension

Stabłowice in Wrocław
Surface: 175 m2