SURVEY OF EXISTING STRUCTURE – 15 PLN / m2 up to 500m2, 12 PLN / m2 over 500m2. Minimum charge – 1000 PLN.


  • site visit and survey
  • documentation – plans, crosssections, facades, scale 1:100
  • compilation of spaces
  • photographic documentation

For surveys conducted outside the boundaries of Wrocław, a transport surcharge of 1.00 PLN applies for each additional 1km of travel.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN – 15 PLN / m2 of designed surface area.


  •  analysis of investor intentions, prepration of filings for public authorities and other necessary documents
  • photographic documentation, site visits, terrain analysis,
  •  architectural solutions, the main industry dispositions, preliminary assessment of fire safety issues, communication,
  • drafting applications for technical conditions of connecting and modernization of utilities
  •  execution balances and requests for various media
  •  working consultations with experts on OHS, fire safety, health inspector
  •  preliminary design – 2 versions (plans, 3D views), taking into account guidance in zoning decisions and local zoning plans
  •  conceptual design of the selected option (plans, crossections, facades, visualization)

MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING DESIGN – 95 PLN / m2 of the designed area. For projects up to 300 m2 – 150 PLN/m2 


  •  architectural concept in 2 versions
  •  land development plan
  • architectural and construction design for building permit application
  • construction project for building permit application
  • utilities project (water and sewage, HVAC, electrical)
  •  planned energy performance
  •  environmental and economic analysis
  •  project coordination: fire safety, sanitary, OHS
  •  preparation of applications for required opinions and building permit




    •  land development plan in scale 1: 500
    •  adaptation of standard project in respect of architecture, construction, sanitary and electrical installations
    •  preparation of applications for required opinions and building permits 
    • changes to the project – from 500 PLN / m2 

    INTERIOR DESIGN CONCEPT – 50 PLN / m2 of designed area


    •  based on guidelines from investor: 2 versions of conceptual and functional layout plus preliminary choice of materials
    •  design of selected option – plans, crossection, 3D views, description of the solutions adopted for trim and interior
    • 2 design meetings included in price

      EXECUTIVE INTERIOR DESIGN – 110 PLN / m2  of the designed area


      •   based on guidelines from investor: 2 versions of conceptual and functional layout plus preliminary choice of materials
      •  design of the selected option – plans, crossections, walls, visualization, description of all solutions adopted for trim and interior
      •  price includes 3 design meetings, 2 meetings for selection of materials, 3 site visits

      For interior design of single room (kitchen, bathroom, etc) – min. 200 PLN / m2 of the designed space.


      •  Obtaining construction permit on behalf of investor – 900 PLN per permit
      •  Obtaining necessary opinions and reconciliations – 500 PLN per document
      •  Technical survey – 7 PLN / m2 min. 500 PLN
      •  Project for internal water supply and sewage, HVAC – 15 PLN / m2
      •  Internal electrical installation project – 6 PLN / m2 
      • Connections project – from 600 PLN / connection
      •  Web Design – according to individual pricing based on zoning conditions issued
      •  Road project  – priced individually
      •  Map for design purposes – from 800 PLN
      •  Geotechnical studies – from 800 PLN
      •  Advance archaeological study with conservation authority decision – from 2000 PLN
      •  Conservation permit with plan of conservation work – priced individualls
      •  Chimney sweep expert opinion – from 500 PLN
      •  OHS and Sanitary reconciliations – from 800 PLN
      • Fire safety reconciliations – 1000 PLN
      • Fire safety expert opinion – 2500 PLN
      • Fire safety variance – 900 PLN
      • Building and land development conditions – 500 PLN
      •  Map for draftsmen – from 100 PLN
      •  Extract from land register – from 300 PLN
      •  Extract from local development plan – from 300 PLN
      •  Analysis of local development plan – from 200 PLN
      •  On-site supervision 300 PLN / h

      Prices do not include administrative costs and stamp duties.


      The prices given above are estimates. Each project is priced individually, depending on the complexity of the building, the scope and form of the project, and the requirements of the investor.
      None of the foregoing constitutes an offer as defined by the Polish Civil Code. 

      * All prices are given net of VAT, applicable rate of VAT for architectural services is 23%.

      For an individual offer, please contact us at